Sturdy Birdy Game


2011 Preferred Choice Award Creative Child Magazine
2010 Parents' Choice Award -Recommended!
2010 Exceptional Toy Review & Gift Guide Selection

Sturdy Birdy - Roll the dice! Strike a pose! Find the perfect balance!

Reggie the Pigeon dreams of life in the circus as a high wire acrobat. (Sadly, Reggie's flight abilities have never taken off.)

Reggie needs your help to perfect 12 poses to land the high wire balancing, birdseed providing job he's always dreamed of.

To do that players must master 12 unique poses and be the first to make it to the end of the line. Ahh... 12 poses can't be so tough you say. Wait until you add counting spectators, flapping wings and a few choruses of "tweety, tweet, tweet"!

Unlike any other game you’ve ever seen, Sturdy Birdy challenges your child on a physical level while encouraging counting skills, self-esteem and more!

Expect increased balance, coordination, core strength, and lift to the corners of lips.

Sturdy Birdy
  • Fun-filled, quick moving game play
  • Improves social interaction & self-esteem
  • Active game play enhances balance, coordination, and core strength
  • No reading required. Simple counting in game play.
  • Fun to watch. A riot to play
  • Easy to follow game rules included
  • Contains: 12 large Reggie the Pigeon Pose Cards, 12 card stands, 4 seed bags, 2 foam dice
  • Whether you're 5 or 50, you'll be grinning from beak to beak.
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