Smart Lab Spa Lab


Emphasizing a you-can-do-it-yourself attitude, this Dr. Toy Best Green Product award winner empowers girls to get their hands dirty making chemical-free products while learning the science behind the interacting ingredients. Covering science and beauty, projects/recipes use household materials and custom-tooled components to concoct scrumptious smelling spa treatments at home. The citric acid adds pizzazz to bath-bombs and the cosmetic-grade glitter gives a shimmery glow to your products.


  • A book that helps you absorb the beautiful science behind a dozen spa products 
  • 4 bath bomb molds: cupcake, popsicle, two wrapped candies 
  • 2 large lidded pots 
  • 2 small lidded pots 
  • 2 plastic stir spoons 
  • 4 – 20g packets of citric acid 
  • 1 – 4g packet of glitter


*Winner of the Creative Child Seal of Excellence Award 
*Winner of the Dr. Toy Green Award

Ages 7+

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