Fox's Party


Fox's Party is a fast playing push your luck and memory game. Each player starts with a deck of twelve cards, each depicting one of seven animals. Since the cards are face down you don't know which animals you have, at least not at first.

The remaining cards are placed face up in the center of the table so that everyone can see the critter on the top card. The face of each card also shows a "size chart" of how the animals relate to one another in size: the ant is the smallest, followed by the snail, the frog, the hedgehog, the fox, the deer and the bear.

On your turn, you state whether you think the card on top your deck features an animal that's larger, smaller, or the same size as the animal on top of the central deck, then you reveal your card.

If you're wrong, you place the card face down on the bottom of your deck and end your turn.

If you're correct, you can choose to stop or decide to take another guess. This time you'll compare the hidden animal on top of your deck with the animal that you just revealed.

Any time you're wrong, you bury all revealed cards in the same order face down under your deck. If you stop after one or more correct answers, you then place all of those cards (in the order guessed) on top of the central deck.

The first player to play all the cards in his deck wins.

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