Backstreet Cats 1000 pcs


1000 pcs

The JaCaRou project was born of my passion for jigsaw puzzles as a hobby.  Having some knowledge of drawing and graphic arts I began to create images that I felt would be good puzzle illustrations.  Driven to bring these images to life I researched and found a manufacturer to produce the puzzles for me and that is how JaCaRou Puzzles was born! 

I personally take care of each detail; from creating the design of the pictures as well as conceptualising the final look of the boxes which in keeping with the image of our puzzles are also very colourful.

Our products are very high quality and compare to the very best on the market.  My goal is to offer unique and high quality puzzles that are affordable. 

Bursting with rich colors and deep textures, I am certain that puzzlers of all ages will appreciate the experience of assembling a JaCaRou puzzle as much as I had creating them!

Anie Maltais

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